Complaints (France)

In accordance with articles 313-8, 131-8-1 322-71-1 and 325-12-1 of the AMF General Regulation, Qube Research and Technologies SAS (hereafter ‘QRT SAS’) has implemented and maintains a transparent procedure for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints received from clients.

A complaint is a statement of dissatisfaction formalized by a client towards QRT SAS. Requests for information, advice, clarification, service or performance are not considered a complaint.

A complaint must be submitted by the client in writing, either by mail at 22 Boulevard de Malesherbes, 75008, Paris or email to

The time to process a complaint will depend on its nature, however in any event QRT SAS will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within a maximum of 10 days from receiving it. Thereon, QRT SAS will respond to the complaint within a maximum of two months from the date of receiving the complaint. Should your complaint be rejected or not addressed in full or in part, a complaint can be brought to the attention of the AMF Ombudsman by mail (at the following address: 17 place de la Bourse 75082 Paris cedex 2) or by completing the electronic form available on their websiteé-mediateur.

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